The Theater Community project - Write your own story funded by AFCN, with the thematic area THEATER: EDUCATION THROUGH CULTURE session II was a cultural education project aimed at facilitating access to culture for Roma girls and boys from the Roma communities in Mizil and Valea Seacă, as well as opening new perspectives and opportunities for young people in the two marginalized communities. In this project, local workshops, discussions were organized, as well as a theater play on how the absence of information about sexual education affects Roma teenagers in Romania.


The discourse and the representation of this subject through the Romanian press justify ‘the Roma cultural model’ far from what the Roma culture means, associating the lack of sexual education with Roma ethnicity only. On the other hand, the education system does not address stereotypes from the perspective of girls/boys, while it strengthens “cultural arguments,” causing inequalities in education. In other words, the lack of intervention in the system perpetuates the disparity between girls and boys. 

foto: Eli Driu

The theater play KeresTikTok? (Do you want Tiktok?)carried out within the project and broadcasted online represents the stories of three young Roma girls and a young Roma boy on marriage decisions, virginity pressure, the influence of religion, parents, and community, and lack of institutional support for school sex education. The play was played by two young Roma actresses (Bianca Mihai and Nicoleta Ghiță) and a well-known actor Raj-Alexandru Udrea. It was directed by a Roma artist/rapper/director from Austria/Serbia (Sandra Selimovic), and the text was written by a Roma artist and playwright (Mihaela Drăgan).

We have chosen sexual education as the focal point of our project to raise attention to gender equality and open up new perspectives to girls and boys from the communities where the project took place through social theater and direct interaction with the Roma artists involved.

See the teaser below:


Ș – Poveștile care au inspirat Spectacolul „Keres TikTok”: „Fetele s-au săturat să fie judecate la orice pas“ – article by Florinela Iosip, Foto: Eli Driu
Opinia Buzău – „Keres TikTok“/ Buzoianca Bianca Mihai, într-un spectacol de teatru ce încearcă să schimbe mentalități – article by Cristian Ionescu

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