I am a model for my community, financed by SEEA grants 2009 -2014 through the NGO Fund in Romania from 2014-2016 under the Social Justice component.

Our project addressed the young Roma and non-Roma who live in rural areas with low opportunities and families with insufficient incomes or living in monoparental families or whose parents are working abroad and do not have enough support to continue studies to develop a professional career.

Most times, because of these social factors and because they did not refer to models who came from their community and to the contrary, young people decide not to continue their studies.

Our premise is that if there is a collaboration between Roma and non-Roma youth who have completed high school and also those who are secondary or high school graduates, some of the factors mentioned above, such as inequalities between rural/urban, lack of highlights, young models that have adapted, overcoming stereotypes and discrimination, inadaptation to a new life educational system can be overcome if together, young Roma and non-Roma, create a supportive community and support to make an easier transition from middle school to high school/faculty.



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