Phenja - Violence against women is a strategic program implemented by E-Romnja in 2014-2020 with funding from the Open Society Foundation. It was started in 2014 as a pilot program in partnership with the Filia Center, the Centre for Human Studies and Rights, RomanoButiQ, and subsequently the Policy Center for Roma and Minorities where the objectives were:


→ development of research on the obstacles faced by Roma women in three, respectively four communities (at a later stage);
→ community intervention to increase solidarity with women who are going through the experience of violence;
→ advocacy actions directed at local authorities to raise awareness and change racist and sexist treatment against women and adopt measures to combat violence at the local level.


The program was continued at a later stage by each partner in a manner tailored to the communities they work in. The program’s novelty was given by the community intervention model, training with police officers on issues that involve Roma girls/women and, as well as public actions to combat preconceived ideas that violence is specific to the Roma minority. The slogan ''Violence has no color'' is currently part of our ongoing action within the network we work with, local and central public authorities, and society.