Empowerment and participation: grassroots democracy by Roma women is the third strategic program funded by the Helsinki Deaconess Institute’s support. in 2015-2020.

The project is implemented in Valea Seacă (Bacău) community and has the following objectives:

→ development and consolidation of Roma girls/women' groups to increase access to health services and education and create local mechanisms of sisterhood between women in the absence of support for violent situations.
→ training with authorities on issues affecting the lives of Roma girls/women in the community;
→ local and national advocacy actions to combat racism, sexism, and classism in public institutions.

The program has developed several local campaigns, support services for girls/women, legal advice, therapeutic support for victims of sexual violence, and actions to enhance our Roma identity.

Over time, the program has developed several social services with humanity. Girls and women have access to contraception, child-rearing, childcare, respect, and dignity in relation to men in the community and local authorities.

The program developed the first initiative group for young women and men in the community who wanted to replicate the model, followed by women in the community and their mothers.

In the community, we have established a Roma Women's Office where the community as a whole gathers for both community actions and training, support, and non-formal education activities.