The project ”Develop and strengthen the network for preventing and combating violence against women” was financed by SEE grants, within NGO Fund in Romania and aimed at strengthening the capacity and increasing the visibility of the network against violence against women to improve monitoring and advocacy activities, at local and national level.

Project achievements:

→  Expansion of the network with 10 more NGOs active in the field of providing services to victims of violence and prevention of violence against women in Constanta, Suceava, Timiș, Cluj, Brașov.
→  Developing the skills and competences of network members through transfer of good practices at national and transnational level.
 Analysing how recent legislative change to prevent and combat the violence against women has been implemented al national level (2012-2015)
 Legislation change in order to hold the aggressor accountable through advocacy activities
  Advocacy activities at local level in order to finance the services provided to victims of violence in 3 counties.
 Raising awareness on the issues of violence against women, at local and national level.


Romanian Network for Prevention and Combating Violence against Women is an informal structure, without juridical personality, getting together a number of 24 Romanian NGOs active in the field of promotion of women rights, protection of gender based violence and combating discrimination on gender criteria.

Romanian NGOs members in the network are:

  1. TRANSCENA Association, Bucharest
  2. ARTEMIS Women against Violence Association, Cluj-Napoca
  3. SENSIBLU Foundation, Bucharest
  4. GRADO Romanian Group for Defense of Human Rights Association, Bucharest
  5. The Partnership for Equality Center - CPE, Bucharest
  6. A.L.E.G. Association for Freedom and Gender Equality, Sibiu
  7. FILIA Association for Curricular Development and Gender Studies, Bucharest
  8. FRONT Association, Bucharest
  9. ANAIS Association, Bucharest
  10. E-ROMNJA – Association for Promoting Roma Women’s Rights, Bucharest
  11. IEESR East European Institute for Reproductive Health, Tg Mureş
  12. CMSC Community Safety and Mediation Center Foundation, Iasi
  14. INOVATRIUM Association, Timișoara
  15. Bucovina Ladies Society, Suceava
  16. ATENA DELPHI Association, Cluj-Napoca
  17. SEVA Association, Equal Chances – Value-Authority, Suceava
  18. SPICC Association –Solidarity, Participation, Inclusion, Communication, Cooperation, Timișoara
  19. Quantic Association, Bucharest
  20. All for family Association, Constanța
  21. Association of University Women, Bucharest
  22. Association Future- Integrity –Success (VIS) - Constanța
  23. Psihosfera Association – Brașov
  24. Szentkereszty Stephanie Egyesület Assocation
  25. Casa Ioana Association, Bucharest

Organization members are politically independent, promoting the right of every person for equal chances in society, sustain freedom of choice regarding reproductive and marital rights, have reports with public administration based on principles of autonomy, legality and responsibility, in their manifestation combating discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of hate manifestation. These NGOs have wide fields of expertise: advocacy, penal reform, education, services for victims of family violence, services for victims of sexual violence, work in communities with Roma women, research and feminism activism.

Network crystalized in the period 2011 – 2014 especially through lobby, advocacy and public campaigns for modification of Law 217/2003 republished (regarding victims of family violence) especially regarding protection order. Results of the activities realized inside network are: promotion and popularization of protection order on the channels specific of each organizations, monitoring of implementation of protection order through collecting of data regarding to files regarding requests of issuing protection order among all Courts in Romania, service maps for victims of family violence realized together with Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and Elderly Persons –Direction of Child Protection – awareness of public at large regarding necessity of involvement of central and local institutions for increased protection degree of women victims of violence in the family, “Study of national level regarding implementation of protection order –December 2013” and “Exploratory studies regarding social services for victims of family violence -2013”, campaign of raising signatures among members of Romanian Parliament for sustaining the six urgent measures for women safety in family. 100 politicians signed Declaration promoted by the Network.