The project „Breaking the Silence on Sexual Violence: Strengthening NGO’s capacity to introduce sexual violence on the public agenda” was a pioneer project in the field of gender equality and women’s rights financed by SEE grants 2009-2014, through NGO Fund in Romania.

The project was initiated in 2014 by Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender - A.L.E.G., aiming at strengthening the capacity of NGOs working already in the field of domestic violence to integrate a gender perspective on sexual violence in the public agenda.

Activities carried out:

→ A series of 7 thematic meetings with network members which took place between July 2014 – April 2015
→ Enhancing dialogue with other partners and agreeing common priorities during 7 thematic meetings; the agreeded priorities will be translated in 12 advocacy instruments (5 position papers and 7 factsheets);
An online resource center - which includes information on services, examples of good practice, current studies and research as well as the network’s own advocacy documents. The target audience of the online resource center are professionals working with victims or with persons at risk of sexual victimization, decision-makers, mass-media, relevant universities.
→ Consolidating advocacy capacities of the network by promoting a common message through 5 local events organised in Sibiu, Iași, Târgu-Mureș, Cluj, București, and a public seminar at national level on sexual violence and priorities.
→ Extending the network with 5 additional organizations which work with beneficiaries at risk of sexual victimization.
7 lessons on sexual violence in everybody’s language (factsheet in Romanian)


Factsheets (in Romanian):

→ 1 Sexual Violence in Everybody’s Language
→ 2 Guide for Journalists with a Conscience
→ 3 Help for Victims of Sexual Violence
→ 4 Minor Hearing Room
→ 5 Only Together We Can End Sexual Violence
→ 6 Sexual Harassment at Work
→ 7 Men Can Prevent Sexual Violence

Position papers:

→  1 Sexual violence as a form of violence against women
→ 2 Sexual violence in the media
→ 3 Good practices in intervention for sexual violence’s survivors
→ 4 Priority for all institutions - prevention of sexual violence
→ 5 Sexual harassment in universities

Call to action:

Call to Action

Partner organizations in Romania: Asociația Transcena, Institutul Est European pentru Sănătatea Reproducerii, Asociația Front, Centrul Parteneriat pentru Egalitate, Asociația E-Romnja, Societatea de Analize Feministe AnA, Centrul Filia, Asociația Artemis.

Contributor: Sensiblu Fundation

External partner: Stigamot (Iceland)


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