The local mobilization of Roma women is a project funded by the Enel Dobrogea Foundation (November 2017 – May 2019), which has proposed supporting Roma women from two Roma communities in Bucharest (Little India) and Giurgiu to increase local mobilization and access to local resources.

In communities at high risk of poverty, social exclusion, and geographical racism, one of the main risks when implementing a project is that members are not involved in actions. Our proposal follows through the working model we propose, namely community development, which puts Roma’s perspective (women and men) in the community at the heart of the actions, allowing participation and ownership of the project. We wanted to increase local participation through the project to identify solutions to existing problems and collaborate with NGOs and local authorities.


Our working methods concerned the active involvement of Roma people to combat discrimination, increase access to services (education, health, work, housing, etc.), advocacy actions for the introduction of public street lighting, simplify procedures for obtaining property documents as the initial measure necessary for connection/reconnection to electricity.