E-Romnja is a Roma feminist, a-political and non-profit organization that fights for the rights of Roma women and girls.

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Intersectionality is found in all our interventions as the life experiences of Roma women are found in the interaction between ethnicity, gender, social status, sexual identity and colour. For us, intersectionality dismantles the essentialist image of "Roma", which is seen in a unified way and excludes the most marginalized experiences and voices.

The concept of intersectionality is found in our work from involvement in community actions, advocacy, work in the networks in which we engage, through the prism of the partnerships we develop both at national and international level with organizations, platform groups and movements with which we intersect in various battles against violence, homophobia and transphobia, capitalism, so on and so forth.
Our projects and initiatives are also designed and developed from an intersectional perspective.

By developing and supporting initiative groups made up of Roma women, young people and young women at the local level, we are careful to have as much diversity as possible from the perspective of the types of peoples, their religion, age groups, etc. We treat their experiences in an intersectional key that ensures that we include all the dimensions and contexts in which they live. This approach, which envisages an entire eco-system, provides us with the knowledge and learning we transfer to the allies we work with.
Every year we organize events on the topic of intersectionality where we bring together authorities, groups of women from the communities in which we work, local actors, corporations and civil society to change the narrative about us and to create solidarity to support our advocacy work.
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