E-Romnja is a Roma feminist, a-political and non-profit organization that fights for the rights of Roma women and girls.

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Redirect 3,5%

Redirect to E-Romnja 3.5% of the income tax obtained in the previous year and support the activities of local initiative groups in the communities of Mizil, Valea Seacă, and Giurgiu consisting of Roma women, young women, and young men in activities, such as preparation for the labor market, activities aimed at infrastructure, access to education, literacy, access to health and reproductive health programs, support for victims of domestic violence, access to justice.

The redirection procedure is simple and costs you nothing. It is the right of every person (employee, retiree) to direct part of the income due they believe and support a non-governmental organization. If this form is not filed, this money still goes to the state.

Deadline for submission of Form 230: 25 May 2021

Eligible income: from taxable wages/pensions, self-employment/agricultural activities, intellectual property rights, and disposal of the use of goods. You are not required to file the Single Declaration for the latter.

What to do:

If in 2020 you had a salary or taxable pension, DOWNLOAD:

Then fill in your personal data in capital letters, as it appears in your identity card, and sign. We complete the association’s information, and the staff of the Financial Administration will fill in the amount.

SEND the completed form, by 25 May 2021 (post date), to the Financial Administration of which you belong. The following methods of sending are available:

→ by post, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt;
→ by personal filing with the Financial Administration registry to which you belong (here you can find the list of administrations);;
using the ANAF online service ANAF, Spațiul Privat Virtual, disponibil aici.

Thank you for your trust and solidarity!

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