E-Romnja is a Roma feminist, a-political and non-profit organization that fights for the rights of Roma women and girls.

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In accordance with our mission, we have developed the following strategies to reach good implementation. We work on two levels of intervention, as following:

At local level, our activities will focus on:

→ implementing projects to support Roma women’s interests;
→ supporting local initiatives for women;
→ advocacy at local/county level to include Roma women’s issues on public authorities’ agenda;
→ creating networks to give women the possibility to affirm and promote their own interests;
→ Addressing sensitive subjects in communities, such as access to local resources, violence in relation to the authorities or in community/family, early marriages, girls’ education, women's health, access to jobs, etc.;
→ Develop social and juridical services necessary to protect Roma women's rights.

At national level, our activities will focus on:

→ creating a communication bridge between Roma and non-Roma women as an important factor for the success of our campaigns (advocacy for different causes found at a local level, partnerships, etc.);
→ being part of national and international networks supporting women’s initiatives;
→ developing campaigns to combat the negative images and stereotypes related to Roma women;
→ elaborating reports/researches etc. on different themes related to Roma women issues.

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