E-Romnja is a Roma feminist, a-political and non-profit organization that fights for the rights of Roma women and girls.

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E-Romnja​ team

Echipa Eromnjacarmen

Carmen Gheorghe

I've been a Roma feminist and activist for over 16 years. My dream is to have intersectional Roma feminism that starts from the grassroots base and brings out the experiences, needs, and identities of Roma women. For over 11 years, I have been developing programs for Roma women in different fields. I researched, studied, worked on the field, with Roma women, with feminists, with Roma persons in various structures to develop my own intersectional perspective, where I can find myself. Life as an activist has brought me many satisfactions and many difficult moments that I would not have been able to get over if I had not lived in a collective based on values such as solidarity.
Echipa Eromnjaaldessa

Georgiana Aldessa Lincan

Since 2013, through work at E-Romnja, I have learned that only through perseverance and work from an intersectional feminist perspective and grassroots-based can we build a strong and committed Roma feminist movement. One that changes matters locally, where most abuses happen and where Roma girls often succumb to pressure from the community and society. If I had to choose my first job again, I would make the same choice. I want to create spaces through which as many Roma girls as possible have the opportunity to be part of an intersectional feminist collective, in which to freely express their ideas and opinions and where they feel supported regardless of their choices.
Echipa Eromnjaanca nica

Anca Georgiana Nica

I joined the team in 2014, the first time as a volunteer. I gave up my corporatist work in the office because I always wanted to do what I do now, and in E-Romnja, I found the professional direction that gives me personal satisfaction. I am 35 years old, and I graduated from the Faculty of Public Administration and Business at the University of Bucharest. I have also started a master’s at SNSPA, but I did not manage to finish it, nor do I want too much. I am Roma, and officially, I have been a feminist for six years. I love working on community development in a feminist manner with a share of social services, and I like to develop personal relationships with people I'm in contact with through my work.
Echipa Eromnjacarmen alexe

Carmen Alexe

I am 38 years old, I have been working in the administrative-financial department since 2017, I have a 9-year-old girl that I raised alone, I'm Roma, and I'm proud of that. I gave up my job in the restaurant, where I won pretty well, to get a job with fewer hours, but which gave me more satisfaction and wanted to spend more time with my little girl who had just begun school. I hope to work as long as possible in this association, with the same colleagues, which I appreciate greatly. I wish to advance, learn as many new things as possible and be a good example for my little girl.
Echipa EromnjaRoxana

Roxana Magdalena Oprea

The first time I interacted with the girls from E-Romnja was in 2016 when I was enrolled to get a master’s degree in Roma Studies within SNSPA, and I had two joint classes with Aldessa and Anca that I had never met before. The period of 2016-2018 was defining for me because I had the opportunity to meet some Roma women with whom I resonated extraordinarily and who, practically, gave me another professional and personal direction. Gradually, I started to participate in the actions organized by E-Romnja, to understand the ideology behind the actions, and in 2019, I became a mentor in the 'Sisterhood' mentoring program that I currently coordinate with Aldessa. I am a Roma feminist activist, and I feel privileged to be part of a group of Roma women that stand in solidarity and have taught me what sisterhood and empowerment really mean. Together, we build an intersectional Roma feminism, and I am so grateful to be part of what I like to call 'E-Romnja School of Roma Feminist Activism'.
Echipa Eromnjaestera

Adelina Baicu

It's been five years since I've been working at E-Romnja, a time during which I've learned a lot. I have learned that I have rights as a Roma woman. I have learned to stop being shy when I ask for my rights as a citizen and to vocalize my problems when I have to. The door of an institution is open when we say that we are part of an organization; we are welcomed differently. Thank you, girls, for the encouragement, but mostly, thank you for believing in me. I want every community in which E-Romnja works to evolve, and there will be no more Roma communities ignored by the authorities, without infrastructure, without running water or electricity. God bless every single colleague.
Echipa Eromnjalaura

Laura Sandu

My name is Laura Sandu, I am 25 years old, and I finished high school with an economic specialization. I am currently working as a community facilitator. I've been volunteering in E-Romnja ever since the girls started working in our community. I was interested in getting involved because I look to learn new things. From 2019 I started working with the E-Romnja association more deeply, working as a Roma feminist in the community and Roma women groups in Mizil. I feel proud of myself when I manage to solve problems in the community, and I see changes for the better.
Echipa Eromnjalucia dinu

Lucia Dinu

I am 41 years old, and I am a mother of 4 children. Since 2016 I have fulfilled my desire to support the women and children in the community. It is a great joy to volunteer and help others myself, and I thank the girls for choosing to come to our village, support us, and help us. The girls at E-Romnja taught me to be assertive and combative. God bless them and reward them for everything they do for our community.
Echipa Eromnjalacramioara

Lăcrămioara Călin

My name is Călin Lăcrămioara Mariana, I am 47 years old, and I have been working with E-Romnja for about five years. Through my involvement in the community, since working with E-Romnja, the first change has been mine. My role in the community is to change, inform, support women in all the problems they face, and direct them to the authorities.
Echipa Eromnjaelisa

Elisa Dinu

My name is Elisa, and I'm 19 years old. I met the E-Romnja team in 2017, which is when I chose to volunteer with this association. Here I met new people, beautiful, open, with different mindsets than those in my community. I remember my perceptions, my way of being, and I realize how much I've changed. Now that I'm part of the team, I can say that I feel like I've become a stronger person. I’ve learned to be able to express my opinions, I can demand my rights, and I can also fight for the rights of others. I'm glad that I've evolved and learned all these things from strong women with a big, open heart. I want to stay with E-Romnja as long as possible, be with the young people in my community, learn many things, and change together for a better future.
Echipa Eromnjalizuca

Lizuca Dinu

My name is Lizuca, I am 20 years old, and I am from Valea Seacă, Bacău County. I have been part of the E-Romnja association since 2017. My first meeting was with Anca, after which I had the fantastic opportunity to meet all the girls in the association. Thus, I met a team of strong, different and combative women, from whom I am constantly learning and who I consider real role models. I'm delighted I had the opportunity to develop myself. As part of this collective, I have gained more confidence and courage to help other people or young people around me who need support.
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