E-Romnja is a Roma feminist, a-political and non-profit organization that fights for the rights of Roma women and girls.

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About E-Romnja

E-Romnja is an association founded in 2012 by a group of activists that fight to put the problems of Roma women on the public agenda. E-Romnja fights for the respect, integrity and dignity of Roma women. Our objective as an association is to fight so that the image of Roma woman will reflect the reality and diversity of their lives.

Why an association for Roma women?

Throughout time, stereotypical images of Roma promoted by the media, literature, arts, and other means have had a major negative impact on the lives of Roma women, leading to the lack of access to resources and services and making them invisible and marginalized. Their voices must be heard for many reasons – for their experiences as slaves, for their inferior position in some communities and/or families, for the power dynamics both within and outside the community that prevented them from getting involved in local decisions and participating in social life, and for the lack of knowledge about their experiences as women and ethnic persons.

But, most importantly, their lack of visibility as women had a significant impact on public policies and programs adopted to improve their situation. That is why we believe it is paramount for Roma women to be present on the public agenda as a first step in asserting their rights.

→ Because Roma women do not exist on the public agenda, and their problems are not reflected in government policies.
→ Because the Romanian society is dominated by perceptions, stereotypes, and prejudices about Roma women and all these must be eradicated.
→ Because Roma women need a framework/community to assert their interests and express their beliefs; Roma women need a community to partner with, and that reflects their experiences.
→ Because Roma women must be present and visible in the political arena for their contribution to the community and/or society.
→ Because Roma women do not have sufficient support, and the existing programs do not include their needs.

Our approach is intersectional and we believe that no democracy can exist without women’s participation. We believe in people’s involvement in the development of the communities to which they belong.

We carry on diverse and complex activities focused on three directions:

  1. Community development – grassroots activities in three Roma communities from the country;
  2. Advocacy for local budget redistribution so that the problems faced by Roma communities are taken into account and resolved, and also the financing of programs that address the needs and issues of Roma women;
  3. Watchdog – to ensure that the Roma women rights are observed, that the images of Roma women are realistically represented in the media, public space, and on the agenda of politicians.

You can support our mission and the associations' activities by redirecting 3,5% of the income tax towards E-Romnja. You will be contributing to the fight for equal rights and opportunities.

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