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Projects in implementation

EEA Grants- ONG Fund,’’Women’s participation is EQUAL’’- April 2014 - June 2015- total budget 29.924,5 EUR:

The project "Fostering the equal local participation of women" is implemented in partnership by E- ROMNJA (Association for Promoting Roma Women Rights) , Association "Together for the Future" Spantov and Legio Lex Populi, Marginenii de Jos. Participation is a process through which stakeholders influence public policies that allocate resources and access to public goods and services. Women and Roma women are two groups of citizens whose interests are found only tangential on local agendas. Education, health, social assistance, the traditional women fields are most affected by the crisis, restructuring and spending cuts. National strategies of equal opportunities or for Roma inclusion propose activities to increase women participation, but not also resources in this sense. Therefore, the project aims to develop an inclusive process of public participation in which women and Roma women in rural communities are to be involved. WE address the challenges identified and the results defined by fostering a process of "community organizing" , through the development of local initiative groups based on Roma and non- Roma women
Proiect Femeile Participa Egal. Conferinta de final

EEA Grants- ONG Fund, ’’I am a model for community’’ -January 2014 - August 2015- total budget 29.500 EUR:

This project is addressed the young Roma and non-Roma origin the rural areas with low opportunities with families who have insufficient incomes or living in monoparental families or whose parents are working abroad and do not have enough support to continue studies needed to develop a professional career. Of most times because of these social factors but also because they did not reproach models who came from their community and to the contrary, young people decide not to continue their studies. Our premise is that if there is a collaboration between Roma and non-Roma youth who have completed high school or also those who are being secondary or high school graduation, some of the factors mentioned above, such as inequalities between rural / urban, lack of highlights, young models that have adapted, overcoming stereotypes and discrimination, inadaptation to a new life educational system can be overcome if together young Roma and non-Roma create a supportive community and support to make easier transition from school to the high school / college

Foundation Open Society Institute – Roma Initiative Office, project title ’’Get involved and change perspective’’, - total budget 10,000 EUR:

The project that we propose builds on the component of civic mobilization. We use the local development (organizing community, facilitating the process of identifying community priorities, strategic meetings with Initiative Groups and an advocacy campaign to make candidates and authorities aware of the problems roma face in their communities). To make the information more accessible and understandable for community we will use a simulation process where roma are teach how to negotiate their agenda (including women's issues) and how to vote. We will use civic activities to cultivate the democratic spirit. We will organize public manifestations and gatherings where communities will get involved and participate in order to show that they are unite to change perspective on roma voting. For example organizing cultural activities with important messages will bring the non-roma communities to participate and act. Through these methods (public manifestations, cultural events etc) we intend and expect to co-opt local communities other than roma and also to advocate so that the local authorities to take seriously into consideration roma communities. Also we will use video spots and material information such as: leaflets and flyers. The promotion will happen as well via social-media (as Facebook, Twitter and site) by making women directly communicate with stakeholders and society.
Projects in partnership

EEA Grants- ONG Fund, title of project ’’Coalition for Gender Equality - April 2014 - August 2015 –total budget 75.000 EUR:

In Romanian society gender equality has remained formal and without notable practical consequences for both women’s and man’s benefit. This project aims at developing a series of common working and intervention capabilities for the NGO’s in the field in order to assure that gender equality will get on the public agenda more and more substantially and therefore contributing in promoting democratic values and human rights. We want to build a coalition comprising 10 NGO’s active in the gender equality area and one website for the coalition; four innovative instruments for public action; organizing twelve public events for promoting gender equality; ten identified issues at the local level regarding gender inequalities; ten analysis and ten coalition actions for supporting the local issues identified; sixty press monitoring reports, followed by at least four open letters of the coalition, following up the press reports; two thematic workshops regarding the transfer of good practices; organizing two editions of the Gender Equality Festival.

EEA Grants- ONG Fund, title of project’’Break the silence about sexual violence: strengthening the capacity of NGOs to integrate sexual violence on public agenda’’:

April 2014 - March 2015-total budget 35.025 EUR. On the issue of sexual violence, as a serious form of gender-based violence, still lacking a proper approach in public policies implemented under the influence of victim-blaming preconceptions, A.L.E.G proposes in the name of the informal network of NGOs for the prevention and combating of violence against women, the project „Breaking the Silence on Sexual Violence: Strenghtening NGO capacity to include sexual violence on the public agenda”. The project seeks to increase thematic dialogue within the network and sharing of best practices, strengthening the internal advocacy capacity and extending the network with at minimum 5 new NGOs. For the key target group, the existing 10 NGO members, 10 new ones, and their beneficiaries, the results will be: 7thematic consultations, 10 NGOs with improved advocacy abilities, 10 professionals of NGOs with better working skills, an online resource center, a public seminar for influening 25 central level decision makers, 5 local events that will involve 25 local decision makers and 250 persons especially from vulnerable groups. The external partner, Stigamot from Island, will trasfer best practices in the area of victim support services and advocacy and networking.

Open Society Institute – Human Rights program,''Protection order – advocacy and litigation:

In the end of 2012 a number of 9 NGOs decided to constitute a new non-formal network dedicated to safeguard the interest of women victim of domestic violence. They acted in partnership with Association Transcena in 2013 in the information campaign about the protection order and in the advocacy campaign for the urgent implementation of the protection order. Project goal is to promote women’s victim’s rights through advocacy for urgency in issuing the protection order and through strategic litigation. The specific objectives are: Legal assistance for victims in strategic litigations, Advocacy for reducing the medium time period of issue of a protection order from an average of 33 days to an average of 7 days and Advocacy forthe modification of the criteria for the initiation of the legal action by the prosecutor without a preliminary complaint of the victim in cases of violence against the person in violence in the family cases.
Projects in 2013

Mama Cash Foundation – ‘’Roma women consolidate local democracy’’ project implemented during June 2013 – August 2014 in Mizil and Spantov total budget 10.000 EUR:

Our aim was to increase roma women’s participation in community, through local development that empowers them and enables them a better future for women and young. Working in Mizil and Spantov, two roma communities with different contexts and economic prospects has shown as that participation and mobilization can have different faces and perspective. The different tools we used to increase women’s participation in community were successful because gathering once a month and talking about their own problems, it help women understand that there is a difference between their own problems and the communities/families. This grant gave us the possibility to work with roma women from local level, to form and sustain the activity of the Initiative Groups. The major change for our organization relies on the human resources we gained during this project. We can now proudly say we have four young roma women in Mizil and Spantov working on gender issues, mobilizing initiative groups. Gaining expertise, abilities to communicate, work and represent made all four facilitators to be now involved as experts in different projects that E-Romnja is implementing

Open Society Institute Foundation – ‘’Institutional Grant’’ developed during November 2013 – October 2014 total budget 20365 usd:

The goals stated within the institutional grant are: identification and financial sustainability for a headquarter, assure democracy and transparency within the General Assembly by extend it each year with new members that can have a great impact on our development , constitute the Board of Directors by the end of the grant, increase the visibility of E-Romnja in the area of activism, lobby and advocacy,increase our partnerships with small NGOS active on women, youth and Roma rights for small scale projects development and implementation, strengthen the financial resources of E-Romnja by developing new partnerships, projects, and increase our reaching out at local level,Strengthen the capabilities of our potential partners by increasing their knowledge on how to make use of the available funds

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