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Our activities will have two levels of intervention: the local (at the level of communities) and national.
Our local level of activities will focus on:
  • Implementing projects to support Roma women's interests.
  • Supporting local initiatives for women.
  • Advocacy at local/county authorities to address Roma women's issues on their agenda.
  • Creating networks to give women the possibility to affirm and promote their own interests.
  • Address sensitive subjects in communities, such as early marriages, girls education, women's health, access to jobs, etc.
  • Develop social and juridical services necessary to protect women's rights
  • At the national level our activities will focus on:
  • Creating a communication bridge between Roma and non-Roma women as a important factor for the success of our campaigns (lobby for different causes found at a local level, partnerships, etc.)
  • Creating or being a part of national and international networks who support women's initiatives.
  • Developing campaigns to combat the negative images and stereotypes related to Roma women.
  • Elaborating shadow reports/research/materials that document Roma women as in a vulnerable position in Romania.
  • Developing programs to integrate Roma women on the labor market.
  • Implementing our Strategy

    To whom do we address our activities?
  • Roma women.
  • Local community members
  • Local Roma communities.
  • Local authorities
  • Unions and business associations.
  • National and international NGOs.
  • Academic organizations.
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