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Our Mission

E-Romnja mission is to affirm, promote, advocate, raise up, and make visible Roma women's involvement in society and community. Our activities will be targeted on the involvement and consolidation of Roma women's position in Romanian society, in the community, and in the workplace. We are seeking through our activities to:
  • Advocate for programs that address Roma women's issues
  • Introduce gender perspective in all programs designed for Roma
  • Become a "watch dog NGO" demanding that images of Roma women must be respectfully represented, and defending their image in the public opinion.
  • Improve policies and measures undertaken in the fields of the labor market, education, health, justice, or any other field that could bring safety and protection.
  • Implement programs to achieve our mission.
  • Vision and goals

    Our vision is to raise fairness and justice for Roma women in all of Romanian society and at more basic, community levels. We believe in:
  • Universality of human rights.
  • Equal opportunities.
  • Partnership and involvement.
  • Civic engagement.
  • Transparent decisions and the right to public information.
  • Local participation and women's involvement in decisions that concern community issues.
  • Protection of women’s interests and representation.
  • Our Goals:

    To affirm, promote, advocate, raise and make visible Roma women's involvement in society and community. We will achieve our goal through the following objectives:
  • Dismantle stereotypes and perceptions about Roma women in ethnic identity.
  • Promote role models among Roma women.
  • Advocate professional training for Roma women in different areas related to the NGO’s mission.
  • Advocate partnerships with human rights institutions to protect their rights.
  • Increase involvement in national, and international networks and coalitions to protect women's rights.
  • Implement programs to empower women in Roma communities by informing them of their rights and bolster their civic participation.
  • Partner with businesses or corporations in order to develop projects on social corporate responsibility together.
  • Promote projects regarding cultural heritage of ethnic Roma in Romania and abroad.
  • Develop documents/papers to improve public policies for Roma and women.
  • Advocate to include a focus on gender and ethnic dimension in school curricula in elementary education, high schools, and universities.
  • Provide support to local NGO’s and women's NGO’s, both Roma and non-Roma, in activities such as: human rights, entrepreneurship, local development, and cultural awareness.
  • Increase involvement in international networks for women; lobby and advocate for Roma women's cause.
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