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Carmen Gheorghe

I am the president of E-Romnja Association since 2012. My activity within ngo’s started in 2008 and ever since I develop program for roma women, both local and/or national. I work with initiative groups of roma women and I believe in their involvement in decisions of communities/ society. I hold a PhD in political science with a theme on feminism and roma women. My domains of interests are: feminism, human rights, politics of ethnic/gender identity, local development and mobilization

Georgiana Lincan

Everybody calls me Aldeza, I have 20 years old and I am a student at the Faculty of Letters and Science. I come from the Roma community Cartier in Mizil city. I like to get involved and learn new things. I like challenges. In life I relay on respect and trust.

Anca Georgiana Tanase

I graduated Faculty in Public Administration and Business, section Business Administration within University of Bucharest. I am 28 years old and I am a roma ethnic. I started working with roma 5 years ago. Since May 2014 i work within E-Romnja. I believe and fight for equality between women and men.

Roxana Ionita

I'm from Bucharest, I'm 26 years and I have a bachelor of journalism and science of communication from Bucharest University. Since i was 18 years I'm carrying on my activity into NGOs for roma people and i like it very much. I'm also a roma women and I endorse with strength that is very important that all roma people should take upon oneself that they are roma people, especially the young because in this way we can diminish the negative sterotypes that the non-roma have about us. I like to work with young and women and i consider that their problems should be more frequent on the public agendas. I'm an active person, I like to go at the theatre, to be surrounded by friends and positive people.

Cristina Mocanu

Cristina Mocanu, sociologist, researcher, experienced in studies and analysis on the education system, labour demand and supply, vulnerable groups on the labour market, discrimination and inequalities, intersectionality (gender and ethnicity), local and community development.

Cristina Ramona Fit

Cristina Ramona Fiț - I am involved in different activities for promoting and fighting for human rights, women, ethnic minorities and active citizenship. I became involved in the students' movement from Romania, at local level (in Timisoara) and national level in the National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania. At present I ama PR expert and project coordinator at E-Romnja. I graduated International Relations and European Studies at West University of Timisoara and Romanian Diplomatic Institute. During my studies and working experience I developed a passion for public policies on higher education.

Emilia Ion


I graduate the Faculty of Sociology and Social, section Social within Bucharest University and the master Policies, Gender and Minorities within SNSPA. At present,I coordinate the project "I`m a Model", project implemented by the Association E-Romnja in partnership with "Together for the Future" fromSpantov. My areas of interest are:violence against women, community development, social exclusion and intersectionality.

Estera Anghel


I graduate of the Faculty of International Relations and European Studies, and now I`m student at the Faculty of Sociology and Social, first year. I`m founding member of the Association "Together for the Future", association has implemented several projects at the local, community development projects, education, gender and youth. At present, coordinate the project "Women participating equally", project implemented by the Association E-Romnja in partnership with "Together for the Future" from Spantov.

Cosmin Leonard Serban


I graduated Faculty of Sociology - Psychology and I hold Master of Organizational Management and Human Resources. I am involved Movement activist in Romania since 2009. I`m a critically and acid spirit and I`m active supporter of the idea of equality between women and men. I think that Roma women should be encouraged to actively participate in the communities to which they belong.