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About E-Romnja

E-Romnja is an association established in August 2012 by a group of activists that advocates for a public agenda that must include Roma women’s issues.E-Romnja advocates for the respect, integrity, and dignity of Roma women. Our focus is on working for images of Roma women to reflect the diversity and reality of their lives. Over time, negative images of Roma promoted by media, literature, and even art have had a major impact upon the lives of Roma women,making them invisible and marginalized.They’re voices have yet to be documented – from their experiences as slaves, their inferior position inside their communities and/or families, or the patriarchal system which kept them illiterate, economically dependent, and subjugated to cultural traditions. But most importantly,their invisibility as women has had a major impact upon the policies and programs adopted to improve their situation, which over time reflects the role that they are allowed to have in community and society. This is why we believe that it is important for Roma women to be reflected as they are and to be represented on the public agenda as a first step in asserting their rights.

Why an Association for Roma women?

Because Roma women don't exist on the public agenda and their issues are not solved through government policies. Because Romanian society is dominated by negative perceptions and stereotypes regarding Roma women and we need to dismantle them. Because Roma women need a frame/community to affirm their interests and manifest their beliefs; they need a community that can champion lives and experiences that they can relate and associate with. Because Roma women must be present and visible in public sphere through their contribution in community and/or society. Because Roma women don't have sufficient NGO’s that can stand up for them.

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